Simple One-On-One Discipleship


One-on-one discipleship is the most difficult and the most rewarding form of discipleship. Bathed in prayer, it can be the highlight of your journey with Christ. Let me suggest 7 steps in a God-honoring discipleship relationship.

Bathed in prayer, it can be the highlight of your journey with Christ.

1. PRAY. Ask God to show you with whom you should enter into a discipleship/mentoring relationship. My problem is that several names come to mind every time I do this. Pray some more. Then pray more. Allow God to reveal that one person to start with, and remember that the goal is to disciple others who will disciple others, so the names that don’t rise to the top at first will get their chance!

2. ASK. Approach the person you would like to disciple and explain what you have in mind. This discipleship/mentoring relationship will involve Bible study, study of other books to enhance your spiritual journey, prayer, practical application, and doing life together. You are asking for a commitment of 2-3 hours a week (part of it in preparation, reading, studying, etc. and part of it in a meeting where you discuss what you are learning, plan practical application, pray, etc.). Ask this person to prayerfully consider this opportunity, and set a day and time for them to get back with you. Pray with them then and there! If their answer is “yes,” then proceed to the next step. If it is “no,” go back to step one and start again. Do not get discouraged! Allow God to lead this process.

3. MEET. Set up a regular meeting time and place. Do this on a weekly basis to start with. Establishing the habit of preparation and meeting is crucial.

4. STUDY. If you are not properly prepared, well duh!

5. PRAY TOGETHER. There is no such thing as an over-emphasis on prayer.

6. PRACTICAL APPLICATION. Formulate an action plan based on what you are studying. What does all of this mean in the real world? How do we apply what we are learning? We are not meeting just to study, if we don’t apply it to our lives, we are wasting time.

7. REPLICATE. At the appropriate time the person you are discipling will be ready to disciple someone else. At that time, having been bathed in prayer, send that disciple to step two (because you have partnered with them in step one – praying with them for someone they will approach to disciple, and they are doing the same for you), set your meeting times to a monthly schedule to make more room to disciple others, and go!

Again, I have a list of some of my favorite discipling study materials, and would gladly email you a copy if you so desire. Discipling others is the command from Christ that most often gets overlooked and underdeveloped. May it never be so again in your life!

Be God’s.


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