Life Map- Core Values


When putting together a Life Map, setting your core values obviously must be a first step in the process. At the risk of sounding way too “duh” in this post, let me examine the philosophy behind setting your core values, as we move towards getting our written goals in our Life Map.

From my Life Map, here is my statement regarding core values:

Core Values are non-negotiable. These unchanging core values guide my life and ministry, and are rank-ordered. Believing that the Scriptures are God-breathed, inerrant, and absolutely authoritative in my life, each of the following core values flow from the previous.  To be able to urge others to follow me as I follow Christ…

Let’s face it, without a written set of core values, the rest of the Life Map process is pointless. I have stated that my Life Verse is 1 Cor. 11:1, and that my personal mission statement is I exist to glorify God by…reaching people for Christ; refreshing them in worship; refining them through the study of God’s Word; readying them to serve others; and rallying them to do the same.These are both driven from my core values. 


While I would not dare presume to tell you what you should list as your core values, I will share mine with you to help you develop yours.

I have three core values by which I want to live my life:

  • I will honor biblical authority.

  • I will live a holy life.

  • I will love God unceasingly.

For each of these core values, I have listed several Scripture references to help me remember and live out these values. God’s Word is the basis for everything I am and everything I do.

My daily, annual, and long-term goals flow from these core values. My “Preferred Future” derives from these core values. The “Preferred Future” statement is just that: what would I like to look like in three years (three seems like a good number, after all, that was the length of Jesus’ earthly ministry).

My “Preferred Future” statement is simply this:

By God’s grace and His unending mercy in my life, I will be more LOVING of other people, seeing them through the eyes of Christ.  I will be more FORGIVING of others remembering how much I have been forgiven. I will be more CONNECTED to my heavenly Father through a more meaningful and consistent prayer life. I will be more INTENTIONAL in relationships with people outside the church, and I will set an EXAMPLE for other Christ Followers in my daily life.


How about you? What does your “Preferred Future” look like? In my next post, I will look at those daily, annual, and long-term goals as well as there Personal Ministry Philosophy.

Be God’s.



About blountman

Christ-follower, husband, dad, son, brother, Pop Pop, and associate minister at Vero Christian Church

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