Best Part of Me

I love the way she looks at me!

I love the way she looks at me!

My Bride Peggy and I just celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary. Or, as I like to put it, we celebrated our 12,418th anniversary. I celebrate every single day with her, and 34 years=12,418 days. As such, I would like to share 34 reasons, Peggy is the best part of me.  I would share 12,481 reasons, but the post would be way too long.

  1. Peggy loves God. She lives out that love every day of her life.
  2. Peggy loves Jesus. She looks more like Jesus in her life today than she did yesterday. Or the day before, or 12416 days earlier than than.
  3. Peggy loves the Church. Her unselfish dedication is an inspiration to me.
  4. Peggy loves people the way Jesus does. Hang out with her for five minutes and you will see that for yourself.
  5. Peggy is patient. She puts up with me after all!
  6. Peggy is kind. The most kind person I know!
  7. Peggy is not jealous. Oh she used to be, but God has done a major work in her life in this regard.
  8. Peggy is not boastful. She is clothed in humility.
  9. Peggy is not proud. She knows that she is not the source of the incredible gifts she possesses. God is.
  10. Peggy is not rude. No joking here, she is simply not rude.
  11. Peggy does not demand her own way.  Oh, she may get her way with me often (her sister would say always), but it is not because she demands it.
  12. Peggy is not irritable. Can she be irritated? Yup. I can do that do her, but she is a pleasant personality, not seeking to be be irritable.
  13. Peggy keeps no records of being wronged.  She has never tried to use the “I told you so” line on me, and she is wonderfully forgiving for all my gooberness.
  14. Peggy does not rejoice about injustice. She is a fierce fighter for justice for all.
  15. Peggy rejoices when true love wins out. By true love, I mean the cause of Christ.
  16. Peggy never gives up. She is still with me, right?
  17. Peggy never loses faith. Even when I try to.
  18. Peggy is always hopeful. See that sparkle in her eye?
  19. Peggy endures through every circumstance. Did I mention that we have been married for 34 years?
  20. Peggy has made me into the man God created me to be.
  21. Peggy is my chief encourager.
  22. Peggy is my chief confidant.
  23. Peggy is my chief cheerleader.
  24. Peggy is never afraid to give me a good, swift kick in the rear end.
  25. Peggy “gets me.”
  26. Peggy knows when to just hold my hand and walk in silence.
  27. Peggy knows when to take me in her arms and comfort/console me.
  28. Peggy knows my deepest darkest secrets and still wants to be around me.
  29. Peggy is my best friend on this planet.
  30. Peggy inspires me to be more than I think possible in Christ.
  31. Peggy has complete confidence in me.
  32. Peggy’s beauty is more than skin deep, and that beauty takes my breath away while giving me goose bumps.
  33. Peggy is smokin’ hot, baby!

I am without a doubt, the most blessed man on this planet.  I married up. I praise God for every day He gives me with this beautiful woman of God. I am not afraid to let the whole world (wide web) know it!


She is "exactly" the hot date for me!

She is “exactly” the hot date for me!


Be God’s.


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