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As I mentioned in a previous post, I had the privilege of hanging out with two of our three grandchildren during the week before Christmas. Micah & Eden spent the week with Peggy and me. Their parents, Elliott & Abi took a much-needed and long overdue time out from the kids to do an early anniversary getaway for a couple of those days…the first time Abi had been away from Eden overnight since she was born some 11 months ago.

Keeping up with a three year old and an eleven month old is quite the challenge for an old Pop Pop like me, but one I eagerly accepted. I was reminded of a few life lessons as I chased after those two energetic bundles of joy.


There is a wonderful world to explore. Don’t lose the joy of exploring it.

As adults, we take way too many things for granted. Watching the sparkle in Eden’s eye as she discovered new things, big or small, reminded me that my heart has grown way too calloused over the years. I need to stop and look around with fresh eyes at the wonder of God’s creation all around me. Don’t skip over the joy of the “little things” in life, just relish what God has provided. It is more than enough and my response should be one of gratitude to bring God glory.

Don’t Lose Focus

Eden is a tenacious explorer. Laser focused on the task at hand, she does not give up. She will expend tremendous amounts of energy to “go for it.” Try to distract her, I dare you. She does not give up. How ashamed I am to have to admit that I was once like that myself, but as time has worn on in my life, I have lost much of that. This visit reminded me of the need to refocus. Sounds like my resolution for next year is taking shape.

Take advantage of the resources around you.

Micah and I went swimming twice last week.  Yeah, it was December, and yeah the water wasn’t exactly what you would call “warm,” but we went for it, to his delight! His squeals of delight as we “swam” around the shallow end of the pool, and the sheer delight of him jumping from the side of the pool into my arms…well, let’s just say this private Micah-Pop Pop time made my week, too. All because Micah wanted to take advantage of the resources available. Resources I often take for granted.

Cherish the moments and the “little” opportunities.

To say that I was in my “Happy Place” while watching our grandkids last week would be the understatement of the year. I cherish the time I get to spend with these two precious gifts from God. Watching them grow physically, emotionally, and spiritually is a joy beyond joys. Hearing Micah pray for his parents and his baby sister brings tears of joy to my eyes. Watching the two of them love on each other is a thrill beyond words. Having the privilege (and responsibility) of contributing to their spiritual development is my great pleasure.

Yes, I was physically worn out after chasing them around for a week, but I wouldn’t trade that time for ANYTHING. I love those little ones, and their parents. I am so grateful for the eye-opening and reaffirming experience of hanging with them last week. My journey with Jesus was enhanced by that experience.

Today is our daughter Emily’s birthday & our entire family is together to celebrate. Yes, I WILL write about this experience as well in my next post.

Be God’s.


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