Family, the BEST part


Over the past two weeks, I have been privileged to be surrounded by all of our kids and grandkids. Given that Ian, McKayla & Landon now live in Arkansas (soon to be in Oklahoma), that is no small feat. Actually, we weren’t sure that we would see them this Christmas until Dec. 23rd! Best. Christmas. Surprise. Ever. (Although Peggy gave me a surprise for the ages on Christmas Day. Guess that will be the subject of my next post).

Sunday, Dec. 27th was Emily’s birthday, and we had all planned to visit Elliott & crew since he was preaching that day. Enter Ian’s crew and we had a first: all of our kids & grandkids with us at church for the first time ever! I spent much of the service holding Landon, while Micah sat beside me. Then, I held Eden with Landon & McKayla on one side and Micah on the other. God and I talked about these babies through the the worship service bringing tears of joys to my eyes on multiple occasions.


I pray every day for my grand babies. I ask God to raise each of them to be mighty warriors for the Kingdom of Christ. I pray that the Kingdom will be stronger because each of them are part of that Kingdom. I only desire that they will make much of Jesus by the way they live their lives.

I’ve prayed similar prayers for my kids through the years, and God is faithful. I continue praying for them and now get to pray that for the THIRD generation of Blount kids. I am indeed a most blessed man.


Hearing my son, Elliott, preach on Dec. 27th was a thrill surpassed only by the fact that as he preached, I sat with Abi, Eden, Micah, Ian, Mckayla, Landon, Emily, Bryant, and my Bride Peggy. My heart is still full from this experience. Thank You, God, for blessing me so. May my life bring You joy like You brought to me on this special day.

May each of us take stock of our blessings every day. May we never take them for granted. May we give God the glory always.

Be God’s.


About blountman

Christ-follower, husband, dad, son, brother, Pop Pop, and associate minister at Vero Christian Church

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