She Made Me Cry

Being a guy, I do not typically cry. Oh, it happens more frequently now that I am a Pop Pop (see my previous post), but tears are still a rarity.

My Bride, Peggy, took care of all of that on Christmas Day. First, a little back story.

I am a James Bond affectionado. As a guy growing up in the 60’s, I read all of Ian Fleming’s Bond novels. I pretended to be that 00 spy on many a lazy summer afternoon. I dreamed of getting the girl and saving the day. I got the girl, anyway. *grin* I’ve seen all of the Bond flicks, and our son Ian is named after…well, yeah. You get the picture?

When Peggy and I saw the latest Bond film, “Spectre” on opening weekend, I saw them. The Tom Ford sunglasses that Daniel Craig wore in the movie. Oh. How. Sweet. As we left the theater, I jokingly told Peggy that I needed a pair of those sunglasses. Googling “Jam s Bond Sunglasses,” led me to the this website, where I saw what those puppies cost.

I told Peggy that under no circumstance was she to get those glasses for me.  Too much money, and I detest spending money on stuff for me, while taking great pleasure in spending (properly budgeted) money on her and the kids & grandkids.  For weeks, she teased me about getting my James Bond glasses. We bantered back and forth throughout the Christmas season. When we looked in our Christmas stockings, she had secretly snuck in a pair of Kentucky Wildcat sunglasses which she called my “James Bond glasses.”

KYglasses01          KYglasses02

I was in heaven. My Bride knows of my love for all things Wildcat, she got me some nice sunglasses, all was perfect in my world. Now, that occurred on the Friday before Christmas as we did a Christmas celebration early with Elliott’s crew.  Peggy and I both wanted to save our presents for each other until Christmas morning. I had a nice surprise for her, and wanted to share that moment with her alone. Unbeknownst to me, she had a surprise for me that would rock my world.

A tad more history: I NEVER surprise Peggy at Christmas. I ask her what she wants…color, style, size, etc. and get exactly what she says. This year, however, I had some “extra” money set aside, and she mentioned a pair of sapphire earrings she had seen, so it was on!  I not only got her the earrings, but a matching necklace. I was so pumped about being able to surprise her!

Christmas morning arrived, and the two of us exchanged gifts. I had her open her craftily disguised gift (which included an old hard drive for weight purposes) and she was truly surprised and thrilled to receive the jewelry. But she was now prepared to make me cry.

The box was decent sized, and I tore through the wrapping expecting to see a pair of flip flops. Nope, another box inside to unwrap. So, I tore through the paper and opened the box to find…another box! My suspicions began to arise, and a lump started welling up in my throat (lol to family who get that inside joke). The final box unwrapped revealed yet one more box inside with the words, “Tom Ford” emblazoned on it. Tears flowed freely as I opened the box to reveal the glasses!

Glasses05            Glasses03

The overwhelming wave of love that poured over me as Peggy was so thrilled by this surprise still makes me tear up. Peggy said, “you never ask for anything. I HAD to get you these glasses.”

It appears that a few weeks before Christmas (and after much teasing back and forth), we were driving to Downtown Disney (sorry, Disney Springs just doesn’t catch my attention quite the same) to meet some friends. While I drove, Peggy brazenly ordered a pair of those glasses for me from her iPhone!  Right under my nose!  Of course, I didn’t know that at the time.

This story encapsulates perfectly why I always say that I am the most blessed man on the planet.

Be God’s.


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