Give Generously


I previously wrote a couple of posts on the Outrageous Generosity of God (see here and here). This past Sunday, our preacher Steve Jones, spoke on what makes giving generous as part of the Capital Campaign sermon series we are in here at Vero Christian Church.

From that message, and just as a reminder to myself about the generous nature of God, I want to share the following observations.

God is outrageously generous.  Rick Atchley tweeted it this way:

God did not hold back His best when He thought of us. When we go to church today let’s return the favor.

Remember, God indeed care enough to give His very best: Jesus.  God is outrageously generous!

A generous gift costs you something.  It is not given out of your excess, out of your “reserves,” rather it is given out what you “need” to live on. It requires a re-prioritizing of your finances.  It causes you to not only place on hold some of your “wants,” but also some of your “needs.”

A generous gift declares that God is your top priority. As Peggy and I have prayed about our gift to our church’s Capital Campaign, our first thoughts were not what I would call “generous.” Oh, the amount was significant, but honestly, it was not going to cause us to have to rethink how we live out our daily lives all that much.  As we talked and prayed about it some more, another figure cam to mind that will indeed stretch our faith and cause us to purposefully re-prioritize our finances in such a way that we are declaring that God is our top priority.

Now, it isn’t your business how much we give already, nor is it your business how much more we are going to give during this campaign.  I do not write this to try to place us up on some “giving pedestal.” We prayerfully and cheerfully have decided upon an amount we give regularly to the church (and to other mission organizations). That is what we do as followers of Christ.  We budget accordingly, and we are amazed at how God provides for our needs as we are giving more these days than ever before.  Frankly, I am excited to see how God will move in our lives as we prepare to give generously over the next two years. I pray that God is glorified.  It is our desire to give God our very best.

As my brothers and sisters at Vero Christian Church prepare to make pledges this weekend for our Capital Campaign, I pray that we will all decide to be cheerfully generous.  I know that God doesn’t need our money, but I also know that God wants us to share the money He has given us.  It is a heart issue. I pray that my heart is in the right place, and that yours is as well. Give generously for God’s sake.

Be God’s.


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