Busting My Comfort Zone


Having been in Christian Ministry for nearly three decades now, most of that spent in student ministry, you might say that I don’t have much of a comfort zone.  However, there is ONE major area of said zone that has yet to be busted. While I have experienced ministry on many levels, it has all been domestic.  I have never been on a foreign mission trip.

That could all change this year.  Now, while I will not share publicly on the interwebs where and when I may be going on my first mission trip, let me just say these few things about this trip, and add a couple of observations about how this is moving me WAY out of my comfort zone.

I am privately fund raising to offset the cost of this trip. Support letters have gone out, and more are on the way.  I was slowed down somewhat in this process because Vero Christian Church is finishing up a Capital Campaign (I wrote about that here), and the Elders asked me not to approach any of our people about my mission trip until we had concluded the campaign.  With my fundraising deadline only weeks away, well, this is truly a comfort zone busting deal.  I am a Type A personality, and I like to have everything lined up well in advance of any deadlines.

I am not versant in the language of the area in which I will be going. Not being able to directly communicate with the people I will be attempting to serve will be heartbreaking to me.  I pray that they will simply see the love of Jesus shining through what I do.  Yeah, that is a comfort zone buster.

I will have the privilege of living in primitive quarters, eating native foods, and immersing myself in a different culture. None of those things are comfort zone busters for me. I look forward to that part of my experience.

I have done plenty of domestic mission work, and I have traveled outside the United States, but I have never combined the two.  I am 57 years old.  It is well past the time for me to rectify this.  Comfort zone, go away!

May I ask two favors of you?

1)Please pray for me as I prepare for this trip.

The fundraising will be tight, but God is good, and I believe that this is what He wants from me this year, so the money will be raised.  Pray for all going on this trip (and all who are doing mission work worldwide right at this moment). Pray, pray, pray!

2)If you would like to know more or help with my expenses, etc. Please contact me privately.

My email address is blountman@gmail.com  Please respect my desire to keep the details surrounding the location and timing of this trip private.  Thank you.

May God be glorified by all we do every day of our lives.

Be God’s.


About blountman

Christ-follower, husband, dad, son, brother, Pop Pop, and associate minister at Vero Christian Church

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