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At Vero Christian Church, the primary way we are trying to help adults with their continuing Christian Education is to get them plugged in to Life Groups.  Our definition of a Life Group is a small group of people doing life together. We meet regularly (usually weekly) to study Scripture and practical application thereof, to serve together, and to grow in our walk with Christ together.

They key difference in a Life Group and in a Bible Class is the relational component. Yes, we still study God’s Word together, but we do so much more. We go out together…to movies, to restaurants, etc. We serve others inside and outside the church family. When a member of our group is sick, we provide meals for them and their family.  It’s that whole “they will know You are my followers by the way you love one another” kind of thing that Jesus talks about.

Having tasted life this way, I would never want to go back.  Those who are in Bible classes that stick pretty much to imparting knowledge don’t know what they are missing.

Recently, the YOUNG COUPLE in our Life Group announced they are expecting their first child. Upon the announcement, everyone else in our group whooped and hollered, and proclaimed to the couple that they had a room full of future free baby sitters. It was a genuine celebration unlike anything I ever experienced in Sunday School.

Our goals for Life Groups at VCC include the closeness I have described, but also the need to invite others to join, thus creating the need to multiply the group into two new groups (we have another Life Group in the process of doing this right now). Is this the ONLY way to do Life Together? Of course not, but it sure is a blast!

I would be interested in hearing from you. What kinds of discipleship groups are/have you been involved in? What are some keys you have found to make them successful? What were some hurdles you had to overcome? I’d love to continue the conversation in the comments section below.

Be God’s.

Oh, yeah. I’m heading to our Life Group  tonight where we are having a birthday celebration for the new Mom. Yeah, we party for Jesus in our group!


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