Mom’s Love Lessons


It’s been 23 years since I could wish my Mom a “Happy Mother’s Day.” I miss her more now than ever before.  My Mom was my first best friend, my first “girlfriend” (I picked some flowering weeds off of the hill behind our house when I was about four, and presented her with the “bouquet”), my first biggest cheerleader…well, you get the point.

Mom lost a short battle with pancreatic cancer in 1993.  I may have lost my Mom, physically, to cancer, but the life lessons she taught still guide me to this day.  In honor of her memory, let me share a few of those life lessons.

  • Love unconditionally. There was NEVER any doubt that Mom loved me (and my brothers and sister). I am fortunate enough to have grown up knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was loved. I have tried to model that kind of love for both my Bride and our kids & grandkids.

  • Love sacrificially. Due to circumstances she had no control over, Mom found herself divorced (for biblical reasons) with three small sons, including an infant, in the early 1960’s when divorce still held a significant stigma. Mom never complained about that situation, she just did what needed to be done to provide for her family, all the while showering us boys with love.  BTW, when she met my Dad (we are all Blounts by adoption, and I could not be more proud), she made it clear that we were a “package deal.” I know that she sacrificed opportunities for employment and perhaps even in the dating realm because of us boys. She believed the sacrifice was more than worth it. She modeled sacrificial love for me, and I pray that I have done the same for my family. I have tried to.

  • Love fiercely. Oh yeah, she was Momma Bear in the flesh.  Don’t mess with her cubs unless you want to feel the full force of her wrath. Mom modeled the importance of family to me. It is a lesson I continue trying to model to this day.

  • Love with a loose grip as your kids become adults.  Mom always encouraged all of us to pursue our dreams, and she did not try to live vicariously through us. Oh she (and Dad) were involved in our various activities growing up, and she always had sage advice for us whether we asked for it or not, but she never tried to tell any of us what we should be when (if) we grow up.



Elliott, Ian, and Emily paying their respects at Grandma Blount’s grave site a “year or two” ago.

As Mother’s Day 2016 is celebrated, I celebrate and honor the legacy my Mom left. My love for Mom is stronger today than ever.  I pray that she would be proud of the Christ-follower, son, husband, father, and “Pop Pop” I am. Making Mom proud is a goal I have always had.  I wish I could hand her a bouquet today, but in lieu of that, I pray that this blog post puts a smile on the faces of Moms around the “World Wide Web.”  Happy Mother’s Day.

Be God’s.


About blountman

Christ-follower, husband, dad, son, brother, Pop Pop, and associate minister at Vero Christian Church

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  1. What a beautiful tribute to your Mom! She was a very special person, Scott, and you have so aptly described her. …and yes, she would and is so proud of you!!!


  2. Lost my mom 6 years ago. Mother’s Day is very hard. Sorry for your loss.


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