So much to discuss, and so little time to do so.  Yeah, life marches on at an incredibly quick pace. I am so blessed to do life with Peggy, knowing that God has got this.


Over the next several weeks, we will begin the “extreme makeover” of our house due to extensive water damage that occurred a couple of weeks ago. God has given us an incredible sense of peace as we await the numbers to be crunched so we can get things rolling on the repairs.

Meanwhile, I head off for a mission trip, and before the summer is over, we travel to Arkansas to spend time with Ian, McKayla, and Landon!

All this to say that I am taking a social media sabbatical. I promise to be more “regular” in my writing upon my return from this sabbatical (I will likely have several posts written before I return from the sabbatical, and will upload them in a reasonable time frame). I know you are waiting with baited breath for my return. *grin*

Meanwhile, just know that I appreciate your love and prayers, and send them right back at you!

Be God’s,



About blountman

Christ-follower, husband, dad, son, brother, Pop Pop, and associate minister at Vero Christian Church

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