It Is Personal

One of my pet peeve phrases that really grates on my nerves, is “it’s nothing personal.” Oh yeah? It usually feels extremely personal when someone has said or done something and then feels obligated to say, “it’s nothing personal.”

Make no mistake, sin is personal. It is personal to the one committing the sin. It is personal to the one being sinned against. Most of all, it is personal to Jesus.  Peter reminds us that truth in the 2nd chapter of his first letter:


Jesus personally carried my sins to the cross, so that I could be dead to sin.  Woah! Jesus loves me (and you) so much that He did that!  So, when I purposefully choose to go back to my “favorite” sin, it is personal to Jesus.

If I am going to properly align my perspective this year, I must realize that sin in my life is EXTREMELY personal to Jesus.  I cannot sin, then say to my Lord, “it’s nothing personal.” Realizing the personal attack on Jesus sin in my life is, should help me in my battle with said sin.

my sin is a personal attack on Jesus

I am no different than anyone else who follows Christ.  I still wrestle with sin.  I have allowed certain “favorite” sins to have the upper hand in my life in the past. I have a new attitude towards that this year.  Yes, I have heard countless sermons on how to combat temptation that leads to sin. Yes, I have a couple of different accountability partners to help in that regard. Yes, I have still struggled with certain sins. Yes, my attitude is different now as I remember daily that my sin is a personal attack on Jesus.

When I am tempted, I am now trying to implement the following strategy:

  • Immediately remove myself physically and mentally from the tempting situation.

  • Immediately start praising God for the blessings He freely pours out on me daily (it’s is harder to sin when we are praising God).

  • Immediately start reciting 1 Peter 2:24a

  • Immediately remember that sin is a personal attack on Jesus.

  • Immediately apologize to Jesus in prayer for the attack that just occurred, or could have occurred.

  • Immediately ask for prayer cover from my accountability partners (text messaging is a godsend in this regard).

I have to say, having implemented this strategy this year has done wonders for my thought life and my prayer life.

What are some strategies you employ to overcome temptation and sin?  I would love to continue the conversation in the comment section below.


Be God’s.



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Christ-follower, husband, dad, son, brother, Pop Pop, and associate minister at Vero Christian Church

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