Tender Hearted

As I work this year on getting my perspective in it’s proper alignment with the Word and Will of God, I cannot help but notice all the admonitions in Scripture for followers of Christ to be humble.


Humility is not an attitude you see much on social media.  Honestly, it is not an attitude you see much in real life, either. Christians are admonished to think of others as better than ourselves. We are told in Scripture to live in peace with everyone. We are told to live quiet lives.

So, American Christianity has had a radical, in-your-face attitude for quite some time.  I have to (shamefully) admit that I have fallen into that trap in the past. The, “we’ve got the Truth and we must shove it down everyone’s throat” approach is one of which I have repented.

Rick Atchley says, “When you live in Babylon, you must learn how to be courageous without being obnoxious.” Now THAT’S a word all of us who claim to follow Christ should follow! We DO live in “Babylon.” America is NOT the Chosen Land, and Americans are NOT the chosen people.  Christians are God’s Chosen People, and we need to live in allegiance to the Word of God first and foremost!

When you live in Babylon, you must learn how to be courageous without being obnoxious.

What we do need to remember is that we ALL need prayer. Those who do not know Christ need prayer, and our loving them to Jesus.  Those who do know Jesus need prayer to overcome the sinful attitude of being RIGHT even when we are wrong. They need to lovingly be guided to Scripture like 1 Peter 3:8.

So, how do we “tone down” in our interactions with others online and in person?

  • Pray for God to help us be humble in spirit.

  • Refuse to “get in the gutter” on any issue. No sense in mud wrestling with a pig, because the pig enjoys it.

  • Ignore social media posts that get you “riled up.” I do it daily.

  • Advocate for Scriptural positions in LOVE always.

I cannot emphasize enough the need to pray, pray, pray!

As someone who LOVES logic and who LOVES to debate, I am reminding myself every day of Peter’s words in 1 Peter 2:11 – 11 Dear friends, I warn you as “temporary residents and foreigners” to keep away from worldly desires that wage war against your very souls.  For me, the urge to debate is a worldly desire against which I must wage a daily war.

What about you? How are you striving to live with a tender heart and a humble spirit? I would love to continue the conversation in the comment section below.


Be God’s.


About blountman

Christ-follower, husband, dad, son, brother, Pop Pop, and associate minister at Vero Christian Church

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