Gifts That Keep On Giving

We all like to receive gifts. Especially gifts that keep on giving.  Like the Patriots comeback win in Super Bowl 51. Now THERE’S a gift that will keep on giving for quite some time. lol

Whether we realize it or not, we all have received gifts from God that fit that bill.  While many Christ-followers want to feign not having any spiritual gifts from God, Scripture is quite clear that we all are given such gifts. Whether or not we choose to use them is another point.  Whether or not we recognize those gifts is yet a further point, and one I want to explore.


Peter makes no bones about it: God has given each of us a gift from His variety of spiritual gifts. To deny that you have any spiritual gifts is to deny God’s Word and the clear teaching on this matter.  Now, the form your gift takes may be the hangup you have.

In the 1st century AD, some people were given miraculous gifts from God to help get the people’s attention so the Good News could be presented.  Once the Bible record was written out, the need for these miraculous gifts disappeared. While there are a few places in the New Testament where spiritual gifts are discussed and even listed, none of these lists is meant to be exhaustive. Some of those gifts are of the miraculous nature (remember, those are no longer needed to spread the Gospel), and some appear to be quite “ordinary. Read 1 Corinthians 12 to get the full gist of what I am saying here.

Peter makes no bones about it: God has given each of us a gift from His variety of spiritual gifts.

So, what about those “ordinary” gifts? Gifts like wisdom, a discerning heart, hospitality, a love for others, all of which may be considered “ordinary,” but I submit that they are essential to living an authentic Christian Life.

As you do, please note that Paul, like Peter says that these gifts are to be used to serve others! An “ordinary” gift that is far too often over looked is the gift of hospitality. Having people in our homes to share a meal, to share some fun, to pray with and for one another, or just to sit with each other doing absolutely nothing…now THAT is a gift.

Peggy and I have made it a point to have an “open door” policy at our home.  We believe that God has given us the physical property where we reside to be used as a tool to promote Christian love. Once you have had the “nickel tour” (on your first visit to our home), you are told to never ring the doorbell again unless the door is locked. If the door is locked, you may want to go on down the road, we are “empty nesters” after all. lol

The point is, once you have been to our house one time and had the tour, you are HOME. You are welcome. You may be handed a dust rag or the vacuum cleaner and told to help out, but that’s what happens when you are HOME. You are welcome to share in the next meal, be it leftovers, or some gourmet concoction that Peggy is delighting us with that day.

We consider it pure joy when people feel so “at home” and relaxed in the home God has given us.

Over the years, we have had countless people in our home, make themselves right at home, and we consider it a privilege. We have had countless people talk about the peace they feel at our house, and most of them have fallen asleep on our couch or love seat in the middle of the afternoon. We consider it pure joy when people feel so “at home” and relaxed in the home God has given us.

Hospitality. A simple, “ordinary” gift. One that can serve others at any time. A gift, I highly recommend you try to exercise. What are some “ordinary” gifts you have seen or have been gifted with for serving others? I would love to hear your story in the comments section below.

Be God’s.



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