Everyday Valentine


I married a woman who loves Jesus more than she loves me. For that I am eternally grateful. Peggy is the most godly woman, wife, and mother I have ever known.  Now, before you think I am totally out of control mushy, please understand that she is not perfect.  I mean, she married me, after all!

She is a woman who models herself after the sentiment of 1 Peter 3:4, clothing herself with the beauty that comes from within. Oh, make no mistake, she is beautiful on the outside, too. I know that I married up, when God gave me the privilege of being Peggy’s husband.

I also know that she loves Jesus more than she loves me. I LOVE studying through Scripture with her. We are currently immersing ourselves in 1 Peter. She also is doing the One Year Bible readings each day (as do I, but we are on different days, having started at different times). To see her studying God’s Word makes my heart leap for joy.

She loves Jesus more than she loves me.

To see her interacting with young women as a mentor blows me away, too.  Oh, she doesn’t think she does a very good job in that regard, but I hear the wise counsel she dispenses, and I hear the giddy laughter of conversations she has with these ladies. I love the “behind-the-scenes” stuff she does because of her great love for Jesus and for people.

Our children all are adults who love the Lord, and that is due in no small part to the influence of their godly Mom. Yeah, I had something to do with that, too, but Peggy never gives herself proper credit in that department.

Peggy’s unceasing love and support for me is the most tangible indication of her love for Jesus.  Last night, she commented that she was always proud of me. That is humbling. I know that I am not ALWAYS worthy of her being proud of me. Yet, in her gentle, kind, loving spirit, she always encourages me. Being a ministry wife (who didn’t start out that way, since I wasn’t in ministry when we got married), is probably the toughest “job” she could have ever “hoped for.” Yet, she is there with me, every step of the way. She is my life partner in every sense of the word. She has opened her heart and opened her home to scores of students through the years, many of whom have broken our hearts along the way. Her smile persists. Her love for Jesus endures, and even thrives.

Peggy is my everyday Valentine.

On this day set aside to honor someone you love, I just want to let the whole World Wide Web know beyond any shadow of doubt, that I married up. Peggy is my everyday Valentine. I am so glad that she loves Jesus more than she loves me. Because of her love for Jesus, she loves me better than I deserve, and better than she would have otherwise.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Peggy. I love you. But I love Jesus more. I know you feel the same way, and for that I give God the glory, honor, and praise only He deserves.

Be God’s.


About blountman

Christ-follower, husband, dad, son, brother, Pop Pop, and associate minister at Vero Christian Church

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  1. What a beautiful testimony to your love of Peggy and our Lord! I am moved to tears! Happy Valentines Day tonyou bith!!

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