We Are Family


We ARE family!

 30-some years ago, we were introduced to Jim and Debbie Reeves.  As folks coming in new to Westwood Christian Church, our senior minister Don Boswell formed a group of young married couples to study Scripture and do life together. We met at Jim and Debbie’s house.

While we enjoyed all the couples in that group, a special bond formed between the Reeves’ and us. We found ourselves hanging out together outside of “church related functions.” I had our kids call Debbie “Grandma Debbie” (because she is a couple months older than me) from the get-go. People would ask if Debbie and Peggy were sisters, to which they would quickly answer, “YES!” We have a bond that goes far deeper than friendship. We are family.

We shared with each other in the ups and downs of raising our kids, and we share in the joys and heartaches of grandparenthood now. We can go months without communicating with one another, yet pick up like we just spoke earlier in the day. We are family.

Jim and Debbie come to Florida a couple times a year now.  They have a “retirement home” about two hours away from us (long story that is not important to this blog), and while neither are retired yet, they are making plans along those lines for the “near future.”

We had the privilege of spending some time with them last weekend, while they were here in Florida. We ate (way too much). We watched KY basketball. The girls shopped.  You see, Stein Mart was having this “huge sale” that they just could not resist.We ate. We cat-napped around the house. We had deep, meaningful, spiritual discussions.  We talked about stuff that made us laugh and had no eternal significance at all. We ate. We just relished each others’ company. Oh yeah, and we ate.


Taco likes chillin’ with Jim and Debbie, too!

We have established a few “local spots” where we like to eat, and the trick is trying to hit them all any time Jim and Debbie are here with us.  We failed to hit them all, but it was not for a lack of trying!

While Debbie and Peggy are not biological sisters, we all are related by Blood. It is the Blood of Christ which binds us together.  The common interests we have, the common sense of humor we share, the bonds that endear Jim and Debbie to us are all because of our shared love for Jesus. We are truly blessed to call Jim and Debbie family, and honored that they feel the same about us.

God created us all to crave community. We were not designed to follow Jesus on our own.  We need people who share our values and faith, but who also share our likes, sense of humor, and goals in life.

Make no mistake about it.  I love being a husband, a dad, a Pop Pop. I love my biological brothers and sister. I love Peggy’s sister. I love our biological family. Those are important roles I play in life. But I love being a brother to Jim and Debbie Reeves.  They have made and continue to make this journey called life such a pleasure.


Our shared love of the ocean is one of many traits that bind us together!

I pray that you have someone in your life like that.  If not, you are missing out on one of the biggest blessings God could every bestow upon you.  Our BFFs absolutely make our lives a more rich and rewarding experience.

How about you? I would love to hear about your BFFs and the impact on your life. Let’s continue the conversation in the comments section below.

Be God’s.


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Christ-follower, husband, dad, son, brother, Pop Pop, and associate minister at Vero Christian Church

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  1. What a beautiful tribute to your friendship!❤❤❤


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