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Glorious Day 


The sun came up this morning. In spite of the gloom still surrounding you from the events of the past few days, birds are chirping, and the sounds of a new beginning fill the air.

Suddenly, some of the women who had gone to the tomb come running back, breathlessly babbling about the tomb being empty, and some guy telling them to tell you that the Master is not dead.  Well, that is seriously confusing since you saw Him die with your own eyes.

So, you run to the tomb, and just as the women had reported, the stone has been rolled away. The grave clothes are laying there, but the body is gone. You don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Is this some cruel joke the Roman authorities are playing? Did the religious leaders formulate a plan to get all of your fellow followers of the Master to come together so you could all be arrested as well?

Quickly, you run back to your hiding place, praying every step of the way.  Still, no answer. Wait. You are so tired of waiting. But, the women are abuzz with what, or rather who they saw outside the tomb. They claim it is the Master who told them that He would come see the rest of the group. The Master told them to tell you and the others that He was no longer dead. Do you dare believe such news?  If true, it is the GREATEST news known to mankind.

Morning turns to afternoon which turns to evening. The hiding place is filled with your fellow followers, all of whom are trying to make sense out of the past three days. Suddenly, the room is filled with a light that is not of this world, and there He is!

The Master proclaims peace to the quivering crowd, and while you cannot believe your eyes, the One you saw crucified on Friday is standing before you on Sunday. What a Glorious Day!

What are you waiting for?

This. Changes. Everything. In spite of your sin, in spite of your repeated failings, denials, and just plain ole silly moves, the Master wants you to help spread the Good News. So, what are you waiting for?

Be God’s.